Gladys can't connect to MQTT and Zigbee2MQTT

I’m evaluating Gladys for personal use. I like it a lot. But since I have mainly zigbee-devices the Zigbee2MQTT option is vital.
However I encounter an error.
MQTT and Zigbee2MQTT are running, but Gladys, MQTT and Zigbee2MQTT won’t connect to eachother. What can I do?

I’m running Gladys inside Pi OS on a Pi4B, with a native Pi-powersupply and a Sonoff ZBDongle-P plugged into the black USB-port.

EDIT: I restarted both mqtt and zigbee2mqtt in docker, but the problem remains.
Then I reviewed the logs. They show repeating patterns:


Hi @alpha-rd and thanks for your message ! :slight_smile:

I’m happy you like Gladys.

The zigbee2mqtt integration is our most used integration so it’s supposed to work fine. It seems there was a very recent upgrade from Mosquitto (the MQTT broker we use), so it might be linked to that.

I’ll try to reproduce and come back to you

I confirm that I’m able to reproduce, it seems there is a bug with the 2.0.16 version of Mosquitto, there are many people complaining of the Github of similar issues ( Issues · eclipse/mosquitto · GitHub )

I’ll test again with a fixed 2.0.15 version to see if it mitigate the problem, and if yes I’ll push a Gladys upgrade.

Mosquitto 2.0.15 indeed fixes the issue.

I’ve published a fix:

I’ll tell you when it’s live in production

I just published Gladys Assistant v4.26.1, and it’ll automatically upgrade your container to Mosquitto 2.0.15 instead of 2.0.16 to mitigate this bug!

Note that you may need to re-save the configuration to fix the configuration file.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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I’ll check it and let you know. Thanks for the fast reply. I already started thinking I was doing things wrong. (And welcome back from your vacation).

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It all works. Thanks.

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