Gladys Assistant 4.31: Tag filter & MQTT in scenes

Hi everyone!

After Gladys Assistant 4.30 and its famous alarm, here’s a new version of Gladys with lots of cool features :slight_smile:

Thanks to all contributors for this release :clap:

Hello Pierre-Gilles,
do you have a manual for using this MQTT access? Sounds promising!
Is there way to capture Zigbee2MQTT messages?
I’m looking for a way to get such a message analyzed. Would this new feature give access to “illuminance” which is not available in Gladys?
What would be the syntax?
BTW this is a TuYa ZG-204ZL motion sensor.

2023-12-13 23:17:48 MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/0xa4c1381bc416fa33', payload '{"battery":100,"illuminance":1,"keep_time":"60","linkquality":102,"occupancy":false,"sensitivity":"high"}'

Illuminance is not handled ?

The best way to have it available would just be to add the illuminance feature aha, it’s quite trivial.

We already handle the “illuminance_lux” feature, do you know what’s the differences between the two?

According to what is in Zigbee2MQTT: TuYa ZG-204ZL control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT
it’s just the same.

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Ok, in that case it’s quite trivial to add it to Gladys :slight_smile:

I just created a PR that will add the feature:

Once tests passes, I’ll merge it and it’ll be available in the next release of Gladys !

@Uwe This feature is now available in Gladys Assistant 4.33 !

Let me know if it’s good for you :slight_smile:

Hello Pierre-Gilles,
merci beaucoup! It’s working perfectly!

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