Gladys Assistant 4.33: Merry Christmas to all 🎄

Hi everyone!

It’s the last release of the year, and I’d like to introduce Gladys Assistant 4.33 :santa:

On the program, a bunch of fixes and above all a feature everyone’s been waiting for: the ability to make Gladys talk :speaking_head::speaker:

I think you’ll recognize one famous assistant in this demo :innocent:

It’s a first alpha, and I’m really happy with the result: Gladys speaks in any language, with a fluid (and feminine!) voice, which took me a long time to choose :slight_smile:

This feature is available via Gladys Plus only, as the TTS API I’m using is not free.

I’m offering it for now at no extra cost during the alpha (I’ll see the bill at the end of the month and advise), I’ve set a limit of 200 voices generated per month and per account to avoid unpleasant surprises on the bill.

If you ever reach the limit, let me know, and I’ll reset it or change it if it makes economic sense.

This feature only runs on Sonos for the moment, since we only manage Sonos speakers, but I’m not closed to adding it to other brands of speakers if they have an API that lets you do it :slight_smile:

This is an alpha, so please bear with me if it’s not perfect :wink:

Note: If you’ve already added your Sonos speaker to Gladys, you’ll need to delete it and then add it back (in Gladys), to create the new functionality in the device!


  • Sensor status purge now takes place at 4am instead of at minute 4 of every hour due to a CRON error!
  • Zigbee2mqtt: The “child lock” is now functional :slight_smile:
  • Zigbee2mqtt: Management of “illuminance” raw (not lux) for devices that report it.
  • Documentation: Added a link to all documentation for each integration, and fixed a crash on the Philips Hue page
  • Added precise errors in the interface and tried to fix disconnection of a tablet in locked alarm mode (your bug @spenceur )

Thanks to @Brisou, @AlexTrovato and @_Will_71 for their contribution to this version :raised_hands:

The complete CHANGELOG is available here .

A little word before Christmas

Today was my last day working on Gladys before Christmas :slight_smile: I’m at my freelance client’s all the rest of the week, and then at the end of the week I shut down my laptop until January 2.

I come back on Gladys on Friday January 5.

In case of absolute emergency, I’ll be available this week if 4.33 brings critical bugs. I’ll take the time over the next few evenings to see if there’s any feedback.

For improvements / new features, it will be in January :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays to all :christmas_tree:

How to upgrade

If you have installed Gladys with the official Raspberry Pi OS image, your instances will update automatically in the next few hours. This can take up to 24 hours, so don’t panic.

If you installed Gladys with Docker, check that you are using Watchtower (See the documentation )