We are trying to use hap nodejs, we are able to control devices from Home App. But when we control the devices manually the status is not reflecting in Home App. Can you please help us on this

We would like to update the state of device when it is controlled manually using switch. When ever we control the switch manually we are using socket.io to send the status as we are continuously listening to sockets.
We have checked for solution but no luck to implement the update.Characteristic in hap nodejs. We have the device UUID and new state from socket but how can we let the accessory know these and update its state in Home App.

Hey! Is your question related to Gladys or just a development question? :slight_smile:

Hi, Its a development question. I have checked the Gladys source code related to Homekit and trying to work at my end.

In our first version of Homekit integration, live update does not work. Do you check this PR to understand how we send new state to HomeKit?