Tuya device (Temp & Hum’dty) error: ‘Model not managed or available’

Hi Gladys team

I have a simple wifi Temp & Humidity device which works with Tuya but doesnt yet connect to Gladys. You reported that the error said the Tuya integration in Gladys does not yet handle this device, so Im asking it anyone else thinks that it is worth writing the code needed to add cheap T&H devices like this? It works well with Tuya and provides daily and monthly graphs of temp and hum’y.

Are individual integrations like this a matter of filling out some text fields of what data they send, what they receive and when to do it, etc? Or is it more complex coding? I’ll do the first, but lost interest in coding any more!
Anything else I need to add?

Hey @drBarns :slight_smile:

It’s in the code, but it’s mostly filling some configuration file

Here is the mappings of the Tuya integration:

It would be great to have those devices added to Gladys :slight_smile:

I can help if needed.

If it feels really to complicate, another way would be to use our Node-RED integration to publish data back to Gladys.

How to start Node-RED with a few clicks in Gladys :

How to integrate Gladys with Node-RED :