Send temperatures out of Gladys to node-red


Is it possible to take the value of a temperature in a room in Gladys and send that out to Node-red via MQTT?

I assumed I could do that so set up Node-red and an MQTT broker but Gladys is not publishing any temp data.

Firstly, should this be possible? Or have I misunderstood this feature?

If it is possible, what is the correct way to configure it?

I’ll attach a screenshot of my config below.

Many thanks :pray:

forgot to say that the temperature devices are Zigbee and are connected via the zigbee2mqtt integration.

I think you may use HTTP In node in Node Red to expose an HTTP endpoint.
In your scene, you can get value from a device and using action Doing an HTTP Request to propagate value to Node Red.
Never tested, but it should do the trick

Currently, you cannot set a value from a variable in action Control a device

There is a feature request on the :fr: forum here Être capable d'injecter une variable dans requête HTTP + contrôler un appareil - Demande de fonctionnalités - Communauté Gladys Assistant


Thanks! I got that to work using a scene triggered on temperature change. I had misinterpreted the MQTT API page in the docs :confused:

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