Scanning for new devices with zigbee2mqtt

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I wanted to try out gladys, so I put it on a spare raspberry pi, put in a CC2531 I had laying around and booted it up. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of polish of the OS. It looks really good! Next up I installed zigbee2mqtt the way (I think) it’s supposed to by enabling the mqtt integration. Afterwards I set up the right usb port in the zigbee2mqtt settings and it seems to work well. Then I went to the discovery page, but this is where things went wrong. I had the ‘permit joining’ slider, but the ‘scan’ button is completely missing. This is different from the guide on the wiki. I tried putting a device in pairing mode anyway and toggling on the ‘permit joining’ slider. This did nothing to my disappointment.

Has the scan option been removed? Or am I just being silly?

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Hi @emiellr

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Don’t worry, we have maybe a UI bug or old documentation to update, some users on french community are reporting the same issue.

I’ve open a github issue => Z2M - No scan button on fresh install · Issue #1592 · GladysAssistant/Gladys · GitHub
Hope we will fix in the next build.

Oh ok that’s good I guess. in the meantime I just logged into zigbee2mqtt directly and did stuff there. That seemed to work just fine for me. I did however have to install portainer first to discover what was happening in the background.

Thanks for the reply!

After some search in history

We have removed the scan button

We need to update documentation :confused:

Normally you device will show on discover tab ( after pairing )

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FYI, we just updated the documentation, it no longer talk about a scan button :slight_smile:

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