Repeat sequence until - action

Now that Gladys has an alarm mode, the wish for suitable actions after triggering the alarm rises, as seen in this thread.

As soon as an alarm is triggered we basically need three actions:

  1. Someone (mostly the home owner) is warned that the alarm is triggered. This can be done with Telegram.
  2. The security company or the police gets a call or a message. That is next level, and isn’t part of this request.
  3. The burglar is scared away by repeating sound and light effects (and in the mean time the neighbors are warned with these effects). This feature by now can only be achieved by manually and randomly repeating actions in the scenes. This isn’t very effective nor efficient.

Feature request
So we need a feature for repeating sound and light effects.

I think this can be achieved in two ways:
The first proposal is an action that

  • repeats a certain sequence (flashing lights, sos light patterns, whooping sirens)
  • until something happens that stops it (typically the alarm is disarmed, the movement stops or something else).

The second proposal is an action that

  • checks if the emergency situation is still valid
  • and if so restarts the same scene, while overriding the built in loop-block.

This second proposal could even be an extra option in the start scene action. Of course a combination of both proposals is also possible.

Other use cases for the feature
This same feature might come in handy for fire or water alarms. In case of fire alarms a sequence of several flashing lights can even point to an exit.

Unfortunately I’m not skilled enough to write this.