Possible bug Lidl Silvercrest 3 gang switch

I have this Lidl Silvercrest 3 gang switch, with 4 USB (EU, FR, CZ, BS) / Tuya TS011F _TZ3000_1obwwnmq. Every outlet of this 3 gang switch can seperately be switched on/off.

On the dashboard everything works fine. But in the scenes only the first outlet appears. So outlet 2 and 3 can’t be automated right now.

Hi !

You can control it in the “Set device value” action which allows you to control a specific feature of a device :slight_smile:

Ah, I see. This works.
I tried “Turn on the switches”, since the outlets are “switch (state)” according to the zigbee2mqtt-docs. And also in the Zigbee2mqtt-integration:

Do I understand right that “Turn on the switches” is seeing only one switch per device. If there are more, “Set device value” is the way to go?

Yes, this action is a “helper” for simple devices that just have one switch control.

For complex devices with lots of switches, you need “Set device value” :slight_smile: