Is Dark mode a option?

Just installed on PI 4 and added all my device in a few hours.
Gladys is super simple to setup and use and has already gained wife approval :open_mouth:
Only thing is I can’t see is Dark Mode?
Would be great have the option as the white is a little to bright for me.

Thanks @Tombear for your message!

Can I ask where have you heard of Gladys?

We do not have dark mode support, but it’s something that could come in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, I know that some Gladys users uses a chrome extension to add dark theme to Gladys and it works quite well !

Thanks for the advice, I’ve got the dashboard displaying on a wall mounted 10" tablet using Fully Kiosk.
I’ve only had Gladys running for 12 hours so far so still early days and most of that I was in bed asleep.
I found Gladys Assistant kind of by accident, when I first started playing with smart home stuff I used Home Assistant and fell In love with Tasmota and flash all my lights and switches.
Time and time again HA would mess me around and after constantly having to change stuff in HA I unplugged it and it lived in a draw for over a year.
I continued to use Tasmota with android apps and finally added a echo to keep the wife happy.
Anyway I found Gladys though the Tasmota web page, Got excited and dusted of my Raspberry Pi.


Nice ! Happy you found us on Tasmota website !

@atrovato is the developer working on Tasmota, so don’t hesitate if you have any feedbacks on the integration :slight_smile:

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