Improvement of OR-posibillities

There are several conditional Actions, like:

  • Only continue if
  • Check user presence
  • Time condition
  • If the house is empty
  • If the house is not empty
  • Condition on calendar events
  • Condition on Ecowatt
  • If the alarm is in mode

But they can’t be combined. Improvement might go in one of the following directions:

  • improving the listed existing conditional actions with an OR.
  • merging them into Only Continue If, which has already OR.
  • select boxes on the action fields that turns them from a parallel actionfield into an OR-actionfield.

The second and third bullet offer the most flexibility for the end-user. This way it becomes possible to Only continue if day/time is saturday 13.00 OR if the lights are on OR if the user is present (just a random example).

Derived from this thread.