Ikea E1524/E1810 Round Dimmer missing toggle

Trying to create a scene with this device.

I can use the left {“click”: “arrow_left_click”} and right {“click”: “arrow_right_click”} arrows.
The toggle button {“click”: “toggle”} and brightness buttons don’t work in Gladys.
How can I add them?

Can I just add addMapping(‘action’, BUTTON_STATUS.TOGGLE, ‘toggle’); to server/services/zigbee2mqtt/exposes/enumType.js

Then give it a new number in under button status in server/utils/constants.js and new description in front/src/config/i18n/en.json

Hi @paddyponchero ! :slight_smile:

Indeed, it seems we are missing the toggle action :slight_smile:

Yes we need to add this action in a PR to Gladys to be able to use it

Here is an example of a PR adding a new IKEA button :

Thanks Pierre,

I created a branch to add those extra actions.

But I’m not sure how to npm test it ?

I cloned the branch using
git clone -b adding-IKEA-E1524/E1810 --single-branch GitHub - paddyponchero/Gladys: A privacy-first, open-source home assistant

But am getting NPM error when I try to test

npm ERR! Missing script: “test”

Hey !

You need to be in the server folder to start tests :slight_smile: