How to add Devices (newbie question)

Hi all
Gladys looks great. I now have a single dashboard set up (thanks for the info about OpenWeather, works well) so Im simply proving I am a real novice, started a few days ago.

But that means I need to know how to add DEVICES. Like most newcomers, Im guessing, I already own a few ‘smart’ temperature gauges, some security cameras, etc (I’ll add a list below). But do I have to go offsite and add the integrations via other sites all the time?

I like that there is some really simple ‘getting started’ stuff (under News, iirc?) , rather like HA has; and your stuff for novices walks all over OpenHABian’s support. Since Ive decided ‘the simpler the better’, Gladys looks like ‘she’ will save me from too much scripting.

But as a complete novice, I’d like to know how do I find if my Device X will work? Do you plan to add every device ever, or do you recommend preferred makers, formats, types, systems etc to use?
Surely most people start adding stuff they need and THEN realise it can all be integrated. In my case we have
a b’tooth T & H device by Govee and a wifi T&H one that works with Tuya
an Arlec/ GRID-connect adaptor/switch with T&H as well
an NVR with four Dahua cameras accessed via DMSS including an HQ one by the front door
a 5kW solar PV inverter running Huawei’s FusionSolar app
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries A-Cs running A-C Cloud
or my House Alarm system with a keyboard at the front door.

How many of them might end up on a Dashboard under Gladys?

I enjoyed the ‘build your first Dashboard’, but I haven’t yet used any of my existing Devices. May I ask for some simple DEVICES summary info… eg:
‘Only Wifi Devices are worth working with’; or
All Tuya devices can be added to Gladys by… and
All Bt devices need an XYZ hub… or even
Will the ‘auto discovery’ idea for devices will ever happen?

There are already some excellent 'Follow the Screen Shots’ entries there, but novices might need more help adding Devices. And also, what about a Dashboard type called Note? If I want to remember how I did something, describing it in a Note in the same place (with auto-hiding option?) would be a good memory prompt for worn-out old fellas like me!

And finally, how can I encourage local installers and providers to learn about Gladys Assistant? What advantages/web pages should one mention to get them excited?

Hi @drBarns :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking Gladys!

We currently don’t have “setup device wizard”, but I agree that it could be a nice improvement on the UI.

Currently, you can go to the “Integrations” screen and connect one by one each integration:

Example: You have a Zigbee Device, you can go to the “Zigbee” integration page and configure it :slight_smile:

We have tutorials for each integration, example for Zigbee:

  • Tuya device will work
  • Cameras might work if they expose a RTSP flux but I guess your NVR does expose one.
  • Your Mitsubishi AC is handled

You can send them our website :slight_smile: Many thanks if you do!