Help with Adding a Camera

Hello! I am trying to add a RTSP Camera.

Everything works, I test the camera and get
“There was an error saving the camera.”

The logs are saying Unable to poll camera

Hi @jphj !

Have you followed our tutorial here?

Is your RTSP stream working fine in VLC ?

Are you sure your camera is on the same network as your Gladys instance ?

Tested in in VLC, Works fine
The preview even pops up in Gladys
Its just when I try to save, it gives me the There was an error saving the camera prompt

Weird, are you sure that there are no weird spacing in the URL ?

What’s the URL you’re trying to put ? (make sure you remove any password before pasting here)

Can you check the browser logs (Inspect Element → Network tab) to see if there is something wrong here?

There was an error in the Network Tab

    "status": 500,
    "code": "SERVER_ERROR",
    "error": {
        "message": "request entity too large",
        "expected": 297099,
        "length": 297099,
        "limit": 102400,
        "type": "entity.too.large"

URL rtsp://user:password@

Nice, thanks for the error it helps a lot!

I think I know what’s happening, but it seems you managed to save the camera at least once right? It’s just saving it again that fails?

I made a PR to fix the bug when updating an existing camera :

The issue was that the camera image was included in the JSON payload sent to the server, and in your case, the image was probably a bit heavy and it was blocked because the server only accept 100kb payload ^^

I’ve removed the image from the payload as it was not useful :slight_smile:

You confirm that the bug was while updating a camera, not creating it?

Yes it was. I was able to preview it and then when I tried to save, is when it gave me the error.

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I merged the PR, the fix will go live in the next version of Gladys :slight_smile:

In the meantime, do you confirm that you are able to use the camera in Gladys ? (even if you cannot update it) ?

Yes it seems like it is working!

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Hey! Just to confirm that the bugfix was published in Gladys Assistant v4.23.4 :slight_smile:

If you use Gladys native Raspberry Pi image, your instance will automatically upgrade in the next 24h.

If you configured Gladys with Docker, please make sure you installed Watchtower to have automatic upgrades ( Doc: Installation with Docker | Gladys Assistant )