Gladys died overnight

I have gladys installed on a raspberry with docker compose from the repo (only change being the port number). Tonight it died completely - i’d guess watchtower failed to upgrade?

current state of containers:

$ docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                       COMMAND                  CREATED       STATUS                    PORTS                                       NAMES
8f6ed123c266   nodered/node-red:3.1        "./"        2 days ago    Up 2 days (healthy)>1880/tcp, :::1881->1880/tcp   gladys-node-red
275a95b44db0   koenkk/zigbee2mqtt:latest   "docker-entrypoint.s…"   3 days ago    Up 2 days                                                             gladys-z2m-zigbee2mqtt
355a01e5e045   eclipse-mosquitto:2.0.15    "/docker-entrypoint.…"   4 days ago    Up 2 days                                                             gladys-z2m-mqtt
a4b4db027651   eclipse-mosquitto:2.0.15    "/docker-entrypoint.…"   5 days ago    Up 2 days                                                             eclipse-mosquitto
6e3f37c1c9e1   containrrr/watchtower       "/watchtower --clean…"   6 days ago    Up 2 days (healthy)       8080/tcp                                    watchtower

Watchtower logs:

time="2024-02-05T15:27:20Z" level=info msg="Found new gladysassistant/gladys:v4 image (cc17d22495e8)"
time="2024-02-05T15:27:22Z" level=info msg="Stopping /gladys (177f84f845f5) with SIGTERM"
time="2024-02-05T15:29:48Z" level=info msg="Creating /gladys"
time="2024-02-05T15:29:48Z" level=error msg="Error response from daemon: invalid config for network host: invalid endpoint settings:\nnetwork-scoped alias is supported only for containers in user defined networks"
time="2024-02-05T15:29:48Z" level=info msg="Session done" Failed=1 Scanned=6 Updated=0 notify=no

Cannot get gladys logs, as the container is deleted:

$ docker logs gladys
Error response from daemon: No such container: gladys

Hey! Indeed I released a new Gladys version yesterday and it seems Watchtower failed to upgrade.

It seems the issue is known and it’s a Docker bug:

If you upgrade Docker it should fix the issue ( Watchtower failed to create containers on host network · Issue #1906 · containrrr/watchtower · GitHub )

Great, thanks!

wonder if i was the only one affected? as the bug got fixed fairly recently only…

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You’re the only one to report it, but most users run Gladys with bare docker (not docker-compose), so that’s why :slight_smile: