Gladys Assistant 4.44: An alert when a backup fails?

Hi everyone!

Gladys Assistant 4.44 has just been released, with some cool new features :slight_smile:

New features :

  • When a Gladys Plus backup fails, you now receive an alert via the means you’ve configured in Gladys (Telegram/NextCloud Talk + “Chat” tab )
  • HomeKit: Motion sensors now appear in your “Home” app and can be used in HomeKit scenarios. We advise you to use a Homekit hub (Apple TV/HomePod) for more stability of this feature. Thanks to @cicoub13 for the development.
  • The “Devices” widget now removes previously added devices from the list. Thanks to @Terdious for this UX improvement!
  • Fixed a z-index bug on the “control a device” scene action.

The complete CHANGELOG is available here !