Gladys Assistant 4.42: Public dashboard!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

New version of Gladys!

Public dashboards

It’s now possible to create dashboards that can be used by the whole family !

This parameter can be edited during scene creation and editing.

Handy for sharing dashboards with the whole family :slight_smile:

UX enhancements

  • ZWaveJS integration now displays all devices, even those without names. I was on a call with a Gladys user this week and we couldn’t understand why her devices weren’t visible, it was driving us crazy :smiley: It was just that really ^^
  • In scenes, I’ve removed a click from adding triggers and actions, so there’s no need to click on “Add action”, if you select an action type it selects the action directly… it’s a life-changer!
  • In scenes, if you move an action to the end of the scene, a new action group is added.

Bug fixes

  • MQTT integration → If the docker socket is not available, the integration still starts and connects to MQTT.
  • Fixed MELCloud scan bug when the air conditioner model was not available.
  • Philips Hue: fixed polling bug on bulbs with white “temperature
  • Jest cleanup in frontend not used in Gladys

The complete CHANGELOG is available here.