Gladys Assistant 4.42.1: Rolling shutters in scenes + fixes

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all well.

New version of Gladys today, with little fixes to make life easier :sunglasses:

Shutter control in scenes

You can now control your shutters in scenes without having to know the values to enter, just select “open”, “pause” or “close” :

Changing the time of Gladys Plus backups

Gladys Plus backups will now be performed between 2am and 4am (instead of 0am-2am).

As for me, I’m an early sleeper, but many of you are late sleepers and are up at midnight!

On a mini-PC with SSD, the backup is invisible because it’s almost instantaneous, even on a large base, but on Raspberry Pi’s with a slower disk, the database is blocked during the backup and this can be annoying if you’re awake.

Sounds: Voice announcements timeout increased

I’ve increased the timeout from 10s to 20s for users with slow networks, and I’ve added more logs so that we can track these changes.

The complete CHANGELOG is available here.