Gladys Assistant 4.39: Many bugfixes & energy savings with EDF Tempo 💰

Hi everyone!

Today I’m releasing Gladys Assistant 4.39 with many bugfixes and a nice features around energy savings.

Bug fixes

  • Zigbee2mqtt: Aqara motion sensors used to return duplicated “illuminance” functionality, which caused a bug in Gladys when added. I’ve added a special function in Gladys that de-duplicates duplicated features (#2057)
  • Fixed a critical bug on programmed triggers (#2052)
  • Deactivating a scene no longer deletes its tags (#2000)
  • Gladys Plus “save” page now displays correctly locally (#2058)
  • Fixed widget display bug when camera reconnects (#2059)
  • Added icons to music functionality (#2051)

The complete CHANGELOG is available here.

Energy savings with EDF Tempo (French users)

I you’re in France and use EDF Tempo, you can track in Gladys the tempo days and the full/off-peak hour on the dashboard.

If there is a way to adapt this to other countries, tell me, any PR is more than welcome on this !

Off-peak hour :

Peak hour :

Better still, you can create scenes that automate certain functions according to the current Tempo day:

This allows you to create intelligent scenes, such as:

  • Every evening at 8pm, send me a message on my phone if the next day’s Tempo day is a red day (handy for remembering to start the dishwasher in the evening).
  • Turn on the washing machine only if it’s a blue day.
  • Don’t turn on the heating on a red day

Again, if there is a way to port this to other countries, PR are more than welcome :raised_hands:

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