Gladys Assistant 4.38.3: Colors in graphics!

Hi all :slight_smile:

New update from Gladys, with some nice improvements :slight_smile:

Chart colors

You can thank @GziAzman for this feature, itโ€™s now possible to choose the color of each curve on a chart :

Zigbee2mqtt: Compatibility with NEO sirens

The NEO Zigbee siren is now compatible with Gladys :slight_smile:

Thanks to @_Will_71 for the PR :pray:

Investigation bug alarm disconnection

Iโ€™ve made a small patch to try and fix a tablet disconnection bug in alarm mode raised by @spenceur and @philou

The complete CHANGELOG is available here .

How to upgrade

If you have installed Gladys with the official Raspberry Pi OS image, your instances will update automatically in the next few hours. This can take up to 24 hours, so donโ€™t panic.

If you installed Gladys with Docker, check that you are using Watchtower (See the documentation )

The complete CHANGELOG is available here.