Gladys Assistant 4.36 : Netatmo integration πŸ”₯

Hi everyone!

New version of Gladys this Monday, with as main feature the Netatmo integration developed by @Terdious and based on a first development made with @damalgos :slight_smile:

The integration currently manages 2 types of Netatmo device: Concentrator and Connected Thermostat.

To find out more about this integration, @Terdious has written a comprehensive documentation:

Numerous compatibilities are already under development, and will soon be available in Gladys!

Corrections and improvements

  • Zigbee2mqtt: Philips Hue Dimmer Switch added. Thanks @_Will_71!
  • Fixed a bug that affected the β€œControl a device” action in scenes and sent the devices to be controlled a text value instead of an integer.

The complete CHANGELOG is available here .

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