Gladys Assistant 4.28: Expiration of sensor states, new Zigbee devices, and more!

Hi everyone!

It’s Monday, time for a new Gladys release :smile:

And there’s a lot of new stuff in Gladys Assistant 4.28!

Expiration of sensor states

From now on, “old” sensor states will no longer be displayed on the dashboard, and will be replaced by an indication that the state is out of date:

Handy for finding sensors that no longer send values!

The default delay is 48 hours and can be modified in “Settings” => “System” :

Executing a scene from the dashboard

New widget on the dashboard added by @Lokkye, it’s now possible to control scenes from the dashboard :

Hyper practical, thanks @Lokkye for this development :raised_hands:

New Zigbee devices

2 new Zigbee devices are now managed by Gladys thanks to @_Will_71’s work:

  • The Xiaomi DJT11LM vibration/shock sensor
  • The HEIMAN HM1RC-2-E remote control with management of the “Emergency”, “Disarm alarm”, “Arm day zones”, “Arm alarm” buttons.

eWelink integration is now deprecated

Unfortunately, the eWelink integration no longer works due to a change on the eWelink API side.

I’m looking for someone who would like to help by re-coding the current service with the new API !

The fixes

The complete changelog is available here .

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release :raised_hands:

How to upgrade

If you have installed Gladys with the official Raspberry Pi OS image, your instances will update automatically in the next few hours. This can take up to 24 hours, so don’t panic.

If you installed Gladys with Docker, check that you are using Watchtower (See the documentation )

Is there a setup guide or FAQ for using this? I would like to build a basic home security alarm using Gladys, but I am not a developer and can only hack-around a bit. If someone has a How-To or guide for using this connector or similar for creating a home security alarm system with Gladys please reply. Thank you.

It’s fun that you talk about this, we just released today a full alarm feature in Gladys !

Alarm setup tutorial :

I need to try this but after an alarm event, if disarm code is typed, can all triggered actions be reversed automatically to original state? can this be added to the blog page? Let’s say I am testing alarm and make lights flash, how to stop them from flashing and go back to normal? thank you.

You can write a scenario that do the opposite action of the scenario that arm the alarm :slightly_smiling_face:

Just installed this on an old laptop now running Linux Mint with the Sonoff Zigbee2mqtt adapter. This is so amazing Pierre-Gilles! Looking forward to building out my home alarm and HA capabilities with Gladys! Thank you for offering this to the world.

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Thanks @jason for your kind message :slight_smile: