Gladys Assistant 4.25: Scene UX improvements, new widget & more!

Hi everyone!

Today we’re very pleased to present a major release of Gladys, Gladys Assistant 4.25 :fire:

All the information on this new version is available on the blog :

This release features developments by @Lokkye, @bertrandda and @AlexTrovato, thanks to them for their contributions :pray:

Looking for Tuya testers!

I’m taking advantage of this post to highlight that Lokkye is currently looking for testers on the Tuya integration he’s developing :slight_smile:

The Docker image is available here :


To start this Docker image, simply start it the same way as described in the Docker tutorial in the documentation, but change the Docker image name to delogzway/gladys:tuya instead of gladysassistant/gladys.

Instructions for testing the Tuya integration

  1. Create an account at

  2. Create a cloud project in the “Cloud” → “Development” → “Create Cloud Project” section.

  1. Choose a project name and fill in the various fields:
    • Project Name : The name of your project (e.g. Gladys)
    • Industry : Smart Home ;
    • Development method : Smart Home ;
    • Data Center: Central Europe Data Center (even if you live in Western Europe, it’s better, otherwise select the datacenter closest to you).

Click on “Create”.

  1. Authorize the following API services:
    (These are normally selected by default)
    • IoT Core
    • Authorization Token Management
    • Smart Home Scene Linkage
    • Data Dashboard Service

  1. Copy “Access key” and “Secret Key” information to Gladys

  1. Go to the Devices tab, then Link Tuya App Account and click on the Add App Account button on the right.

  1. Scan the QR Code with your Smart Life application by going to Profile and then to the code scanner at top right.

  1. Select Automatic Link then Read, Write and Manage and confirm with OK .

  1. Copy “App account UID” information to Gladys.

  1. Save the configuration on Gladys, go to the “Discover Tuya” tab and TADAM… your devices have appeared!