Email address and password on local linux machine

Just pull from git repo Gladys source code. Build and run server and frontend Then started first time web page: It pops up with email address and password fields. !? I have no idea where I should register user and password on my local machine. Any advice?

Hi @sigidagi and welcome to Gladys!

Are you sure the frontend is talking to the server and the server is successfully started ?

You should see a signup page


Compiled successfully!
You can view the application in browser.

On Your Network:

Server side:

Server listening on port 1443

No issues, it seems runnig

I see that you are using a custom domain (rock-5b.local), by default, starting Gladys frontend in development environnement will try to contact the backend on http://localhost:1443

See: Gladys/config.js at master · GladysAssistant/Gladys · GitHub

If you want to modify that to talk to the server on rock-5b.local:1443, you can add a .env file in the front folder and add:


Then stop the frontend, and restart it

Thanks, now it works! :slight_smile:

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Perfect! If you want to have real time update in the UI, change also the websocket environnement variable so it talks to the backend too :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions !