Custom Dashboard & Widgets


I am looking for a home automation platform that I can customize the front end and manage the deployment of with an API (something that most other open source options doesn’t seem to be setup to achieve).

I’ve had a bit of a look through the documentation for the dashboard section and it doesn’t mention anything about writing your own code for a dashboard or a widget. I am familiar with React so I should be able to pick up Preact without much trouble. Is it possible to create a custom dashboard or custom dashboard widgets at the moment? If not, is it something that will be added in the short term?

Also had a quick question on the REST API, are you able to do everything (all settings and creating all types of data) through the REST API? The REST API doc looks like that is the case but without knowing the platform well, it’s hard to tell.

The tech stack of the platform look much better to me than the other open source options, but not sure all the features are there for my needs yet.


Hello and welcome to Gladys :slight_smile:

It’s not possible and it’s not really the philosophy of the project. Gladys is a project that aim to build an open-source home automation platform usable for consumer user (even for non tech people), so we build Gladys like we would build a regular product.

Embedding custom code to build custom frontends is not something we plan to build as it would complexify the product for end users.

You could fork Gladys to do that, but I agree it’s not really convenient.

Yes, Gladys is a single page application and everything goes through the REST API :slight_smile: