Change order of dashboards

hi. it is possible to change the order of the dashboards in the drop-down list? I want one of the ones I created later to be at the top so it’s my “home” page.

If it’s not possible in the UI, I don’t mind running an UPDATE in the SQLite DB.


Hi @orval,

You are not the first one to ask such feature but it is not possible at the moment.

You can create a feature request here on the forum and add a vote on it.
This will help @pierre-gilles to prioritize new developpments.

If you are a tech guy (as you mentionned a possible manual UPDATE directly on the Sqlite DB), don’t hesitate to take a look at Setup a Mac/Linux development environment | Gladys Assistant and create pull requests on the official GitHub project.

You can open your db file with dbeaver (sqlite)

And edit internal name of your dashboard ( number prefix maybe)

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