Can a scene be triggered before sunrise

Hi. I’m moving off Smartthings and I’m trying out Gladys Assistant. Looks great so far! Is it possible to trigger a scene some time before sunrise? I have some lights I want to come on before sunrise. (I also have some lights I want to come on some time before sunset.) Is this possible?

Hello @orval ! Thanks for your message :slight_smile:

With the current “Sunrise” trigger it’s not possible to add a negative offset, but there are several ways you could do that in Gladys:

  • Use the calendar trigger ( Trigger a scene when a calendar event is coming | Gladys Assistant ) : you connect your calendar to Gladys with the Caldav integration, and you add to your calendar for example a public calendar with sunrise/sunset schedule in your region. Then, you create a trigger “when a calendar event is coming” starting in XX minutes :slight_smile:

  • Use a fixed scheduled trigger: I know it’s not ideal, but this can be a quick fix. You could use a scheduled calendar at a fixed time ( Scheduled Trigger | Gladys Assistant )

Anyway, the offset on the sunrise could be a nice feature! Feel free to create a feature request in the forum: Feature Request - Gladys Community (EN)

Let me know if you have any question !